Residential Maintenance Plans
Pre-Season & Preventative Service

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Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

1 Blower Moter measure amperage and voltage for proper operation
2 Thermostat test for proper operation, calibrate and level
3 Clean exisiting air filter (as needed)
4 Bearing inspect for wear and lubricate
5 Inspect indoor coil
6 Condensate Drain flush and treat with anti-algae
7 Inspect condenser coil
8 Refrigerant monitor operating pressures
9 Safety Devices inspect for proper operation
10 Electrical Disconnect Box inspect for peoper rating and safe installation
11 Electrical Wiring inspect and tighten connections
12 Test & Inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts
13 Inspect electrical for exposed wiring
14 Inspect & Test capacitors
15 Inspect fan blade
16 Clean condenser coil and remove debris
17 Inspect service valves for proper operation
18 Measure Supply/Return temperature differences
19 Inspect duct work for energy loss
20 Compressor monitor, measure amperage and volt draw and wiring connections

Furnace Preventative Maintenance

1 Clean & Check burners
2 Clean & Check pilot assembly
3 Check flame sensor reading
4 Check ignitor resistense
5 Check & Adjust gas pressure
6 Check for proper temperature rise
7 Check furnace filter
8 Check & Clean blower motor
9 Check draft fan amp draw and operation
10 Inspect heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion
11 Check thermostat calibration and operation
12 Check thermostat heat anticipation setting (if applicable)
13 Lubricate blower motor where necessary
14 Adjust primary air to burner where necessary
15 Check high limit operation
16 Check fan control
17 Check for clue obstructions
18 Clean fresh air intake screen
19 Check for proper burner operation
20 Check for proper ignition upon heat call
21 Check all safety controls